Workout? You need good protein


A good protein shake can be ideal if drunk about half an hour before you start your session. If you don’t begin your workout until hours after you’ve taken the shake, you won’t see any real benefit. Don’t just focus on any protein shake.  A shake with high protein and low carbs is not recommended, in fact a lack of carbs can have a negative impact on your muscle.
After workout

If you’ve just finished your workout session, then remember this not the ideal time to put fats in your body. A protein shake with a small amount of carb can be a good choice. This encourages muscle growth and repair. Whey protein, is great – it is digested fast and can have a very positive impact on your muscle.

If you exercise regularly then you should be looking to get at least two grams of protein per kg of your bodyweight per day. What’s most important is drinking your shake as soon as you can after  your workout session.

Protein Shake…before you sleep

Drinking a protein shake about one or two hours before you go to bed is ideal.  Casein is a good protein choice because it works through your body slowly, so a casein based shake is perfect.

But what if you don’t want to take so many shakes? Well in that case, you can replace a protein shake with the following:  a glass of milk and a banana. These will both work on your muscle throughout the night!

Happy Exercising!