Understanding Acupuncture as an Alternative Therapy for Mesothelioma


Acupuncture dates back to ancient Eastern practices and has been adopted as an alternative therapy for Mesothelioma. Acupuncture recognizes the pressure points in every individual, and it works through the insertion of needles to such recognized spots to relieve pain. Chinese therapy practitioners see these placements as crucial to various medical benefits to the recipient. While Acupuncture is not seen as standard medical practice, it has a huge following in the US and across the globe

What is Mesothelioma?

Mesothelioma is diagnosed as the malignant strain of cancer that attacks the membrane lining that is found in the abdomen and lungs of patients. It is widely reviewed as the deadliest of asbestos –related ailments in medical practice. Present forms of treatment like chemotherapy and surgery only serves to elongate patient’s life span as no healing takes place.

When malignancy occur within the confines of the mesothelial membranes, the condition is described as mesothelioma or malignant mesothelioma while benign tumors with then mesothelium are also known to occur but are rarer to come across. The development of research along these lines never gathered momentum until the mid -20th century and a joint effort in South Africa produced a compelling causal basis for mesothelioma based on exposure to asbestos.

What Use is Acupuncture as an Alternative Therapy for Mesothelioma?

Using Acupuncture requires that needles are inserted into the recognized pressure points, and this produces energetic balance, harmony and improvement in the flow of blood in the affected areas and around the body. One area that needs to be clarified is the fact that with needle insertion, the point of entrance is not always limited to the site of the pain. For headaches, a needle might be inserted anywhere around the palm and the thumb. So, when used as an alternative therapy for mesothelioma, it is to reduce the discomfort from the ravages of the ailment.

Clearly, mesothelioma causes excessive pain but with acupuncture as an alternative therapy for mesothelioma, there is a lessening and control therapy of the pain. A combination of treatment patterns often results with chemotherapy and acupuncture, and when this happens, individuals assert that pain management was more pronounced positively.

When the results of acupuncture for mesothelioma were investigated in patients so treated, it was discovered that patients had better immune systems along with a remarkable decrease in the side effects of chemotherapy sessions. Patients were able to maintain healthier weight, recorded less fatigue and nausea and on the whole, felt much better and stronger.

Acupuncture has proven to be a safe alternative treatment for mesothelioma victims, although it surely has side effects, which pale into insignificance compared with its positivity. Soreness on insertion point and general light-headedness are some of the common side-effects in a small number of the overall patient count.