Your Guide to Treating Skin Fungus Infections and Other Conditions with Tea Tree Oil

Tea Tree Oil, Skin-Fungus, anti-wrinkle

Tea tree oil has been around for many years as an antifungal treatment. Commonly known for its pungent scent, tea tree oil is considered to be a natural antiseptic. The antibacterial properties in the oil make it a vital piece to any first aid kit.


What is Tea Tree Oil?


Tea tree oil is clear, aromatic oil that has an odor which reminds you of eucalyptus. It is used to help clear up fungal infections and can be used as a systemic antibiotic.


Using Tea Tree Oil


You can rub the oil on any infected skin fungus areas three times daily. Applying it at full strength can help for localized infections.  When cleaning wounds, using a diluted mix of warm water and tea tree oil can provide you with great results.


The same diluted solution can be used as a douche for vaginal yeast infections. Yeast infections are caused by an overgrowth of candida


Uses of Tea Tree Oil


Used for both clinical and home settings, tea tree oil can help to heal sunburn, psoriasis, lice, gingivitis, cuts, athletes’ foot and bacterial skin infections. Additional if you have a wound or insect bite, dap of tea tree oil can help to heal your skin.




Adding a few drops of the oil into your daily shampoo can help to alleviate dry skin irritation or dandruff. Dandruff happens when yeast known as malessizia creates oil in your scalp. This causes your skin cells to die and begin to flake off.



Ringworm is caused by the same skin fungus that causes athletes foot. It begins with a scaly red patch of skin that often has a circular border and may itch. Clearing it up can be as simple as applying a few drops of tea tree oil to it daily.


Jock Itch


The same skin fungus that causes athletes foot is the cause for jock itches. To treat the condition, it’s best to air out the area by wearing loose fitting clothing. Adding a few drops of tea tree oil daily can help to clear up the condition as well.


Adding tea tree oil to soaps can help to increase your antibacterial properties in your hand soap as well. Used as a natural treatment method for fungal infections for many years, tea tree oil can also be used to clear up any nail fungus issues.




Used as a natural antifungal treatment, tea tree oil provides you with a natural skin antiseptic that can help to treat a wide variety of skin fungus conditions as well as other common conditions such as dandruff.